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Focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest

Diesem Grundsatz haben wir uns bei Frienton verschrieben

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Unsere Geschichte

Unsere Reise begann im Jahr 2020, als unsere Gründer einmal mehr schmerzlich feststellen mussten, dass trotz einer Vielzahl an Angeboten für einzelne Abschnitte der Money Chain weiterhin keine vollintegrierte Lösung verfügbar ist, die sie & ihre jeweiligen Unternehmen wirkungsvoll und vor allem end-to-end in Sachen Finanzen & Administration unterstützt. Daher beschlossen sie, die Dinge selbst in die Hand zu nehmen und eine Softwarelösung zu entwickeln, die möglichst all ihren Ansprüchen gerecht wird - die Geburtsstunde von Frienton.

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Unsere Vision

Wir möchten die zentrale One-stop-Plattform für alle Aspekte rund um das Finanzmanagement von kleinen bis mittelgroßen Unternehmen werden - von Banking über Buchhaltung, Planung & Controlling bis hin zur Steuerverwaltung alles aus einer Hand.

Unter Anspruch lautet: volle Kontrolle für unsere Kunden bei maximaler Effizienz & Nutzerfreundlichkeit.

Unser ultimatives Ziel ist es, Unternehmer & Gründer von den lästigen Seiten der Finanzadministration zu befreien, um ihnen die Möglichkeit zu geben, sich voll auf das zu konzentrieren, wofür sie brennen: ihre Kunden und ihr Business.


Um diese Vision zu verwirklichen, setzten wir auf Open-Banking-Protokolle, Workflow-Automatisierung, maschinelles Lernen, Cloud-Technologien & Kooperationen.

Unser Management-Team

Gut ausgebildete Profis mit einem Herz für Unternehmer & Gründer


Dr. Trenton Milner

Märkte & Finanzen


Josef Schindler

Strategie & Produkt


Oleksandr Taran

Technologie & Entwicklung


Björn Wenninger

Marketing & Partner

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Our core values

The principles that guide how we work & treat each other

Act proactively & responsibly

Add valuable input whenever you see the chance to do it


YOU indicate your responsibility for a task when you are taking charge of it


“Walk the talk”

Work effectively & outcome-driven

Taking routine meeting times seriously


Apply common courtesy with a responsible focus on outcomes


Encourage remote work & respect individual working times

Discover & decide

Facts win the argument, not tricks


Take professional decisions based on data


Provide transparent decision making

Embrace feedback

Frank & early feedback


Allow mistakes & encourage constant learning


Encourage discovering the new

Make us feel “at home”

Encourage diversity & draw lines to protect personal or family life


Encourage time-outs, vacation times & inspirational traveling


Encourage sports & a healthy lifestyle

What is it like to work at Frienton?

It can be very new & exciting at times, but it should always be fun! Every day you'll find yourself facing challenges, learning new things, working on cutting-edge technology & developing a cool Software-as-a-Service tool together with our customers & our fantastic community. 

You won't find co-workers here, but teammates & friends who debate with you on new ideas & have your back when things get tough. After work you will have that great feeling of progress that comes from having contributed to building something new within a startup team culture.

Flexible schedule

We strongly believe the happiest people are the most productive ones. You are free to set your own hours.


Startup experience & impact

Our startup has taken the first hurdles and the SaaS is ready. What you create will be the basis for our company in the long term. It is up to your contribution to the team what Frienton will stand for in the future.

International remote-first approach

Join us from anywhere you like. We work from Germany, Canada, England, France, Ukraine, USA & more. We are proud to be a distributed company & plan to hire team members all across Europe and beyond. We want to attract the best talent independent of their background & give everyone the freedom & luxury to work from wherever they want. To create & maintain the teamsprit needed to be successful we regularly host company retreats & team events.


Which role can I play at Frienton?

You won't be boxed into a specified role at Frienton. Instead we will support you to explore and find your areas of interest. Whether you are a scientist, a designer, a sales expert, a hacker or a business builder, at Frienton you'll find exciting projects & fun things to work on accoridng to your talents.As a team we work closely together even if we are remote-first company.

Have an idea that you want to try out? By all means, let’s do it together

Job openings

Digital Marketing Manager

Part-time • Remote

Business Development / Customer Success
Full-time • Remote
Full-Stack Software Development

Full-time • Remote

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Do not hesitate to contact us even if none of the open positions suit you. We are always looking for talented & driven people in many areas.

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